NaNo Preview


I wanted to share a quick excerpt I just wrote (as in put in the last period two minutes ago) in my NaNoWriMo novel “Son of Krampus”

Emeric glanced over his shoulder, catching her staring through space. “Something wrong?” he asked as if he was the one capable of reading people’s thoughts.

“I was simply thinking,” she waved at him for emphasis, “hair of midnight, eyes of silvery blue, a body that’d…make the old Italian masters weep with pride…”

That brought a blush to his cheeks, but she noticed he happily accepted the compliment as well.

“…And ‘Justice’ tattooed to your arm. You’re not really Batman, are you?”

A laugh rolled through Emeric’s chest, drawing her attention and fingers back to the forest of hair. “Even if I were Batman,” he asked with his accent growing stronger, his body rising above hers, “would I tell you?”

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