I just hit the NaNoWriMo halfway point! Probably only at best a quarter of the way done with this novel, but it’s the small victories.

To celebrate, here’s a snippet of what I created tonight in my Son Of Krampus novel. In this one, Nadire is the daughter of Saint Nicholas.

“Gah,” Nadire slammed a fist into her childhood bed. “He’s hiding something.”

“Whatever would our Lord be hiding?” Tin chuckled, her hovering body sweeping closer to the vanity where Nadire left some of her metallic eye shadows. That drew the elf like a moth to a flame.

Trying to ignore the always unsettling deification the elves had for her father, Nadire said, “I expected him to be curt to a man trying to sue us, but Dad took it beyond that. He seems to hate this Mirek.” Which in itself was odd. Her father may not be the jolly fool of the legends, but he didn’t hate either. “And yet, for all his vitriol, he won’t even talk to me about this. Or help build a battle plan. Just shuts himself up in his office!”

It’d been two days since their hair-pulling meeting in the Boulder Colorado law office. Somehow, whenever Nadire went to ask her father a question he was always incredibly busy and unable to speak to her. Even his phone went straight to voice mail. She’d blame it on a secretary, but her father didn’t have one. He was screening his own damn calls from his daughter.