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Pamper Yourself Giveaway!

Pamper Yourself this holiday season with an exclusive giveaway worth over $100!

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Meet the Authors Behind This Great Deal:

 Ellen Mint


 Sue London


LM Hedrick


 Valerie Puissant


Kay Merkel Boruff


 Laura du Pre


16 thoughts on “Pamper Yourself Giveaway!”

  1. Between being mother to three, wife to military, taken in 2 extra relatives so they would have a roof over their heads, managing all the bills, errands, doctor’s appointments etc soley, having 5 dogs, 2 ferrett, a rabbit, turkey, 3 ducks, 11 cats, and 22 pigs to also tend to I am stressed out non stop. Sometimes not knowing which way is up and which way is down. Tending to everyone else it would be nice to be pampered! Thank you for this wonderful chance!


  2. I have had quite a lot going on right now.1. I have a tooth ache. 2. My refrigerator is acting up, right before thanksgiving. 3. Had to have an epidural in my neck for the first time last week . 4. Trying to get things ready for thanksgiving. 5. My husband is no help at all. This would really be nice to pamper myself to relieve my stress.
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway ❤


  3. Why do I need to be pampered? Because this has been one of the worst years that I can remember; moreso for my husband than for me. But what affects him, affects me, and I’m the one with the high blood pressure. What I really need is a way to convince myself that it doesn’t matter, I can’t change what happened, and to just… let… it… go…. Yeah, not happening…


  4. I need pampering because I currently have a hernia in my head which has me off work and I would love to be able to use some of these products and purple eyeshadow oh my god my favourite


  5. I have had Systemic Lupus for over 30 years!I have just had a really bad year!I have barely been out of bed.My pajamas have become my daily wardrobe.On top of that I have been depressed.My Mom.died last year and she was always one of my biggest supporters.Whatever self esteem I had seems to have disappeared.I could use some pampering to help me a woman again,not just another sick.patient!Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!💞


  6. Thank you for a chance at such an awesome giveaway! I would love to be pampered, it’s been a long year of health issues for myself while also taking care of my mom. This would be a great treat.


  7. I’m 69, my son and his wife live with me…she works at home and he is currently off work (medical). I am stuck with most of the bills and most of the problems too when something breaks down which is what has been happening lately. I deserve some pampering, I think I have earned it.


  8. Looking forward to pampering is almost as effective as pampering itself. Like going on vacation, it’ the planning, anticipation, the journey and returning home with that experience under one’s belt. With Fibromyalgia, having trigger points of pain that get activated when under stress, I believe in regular pampering sessions twice a week at Planet Beach Spa. For a small monthly membership, I can go unlimited times for chair massage, red light treatment, Hot Worx Sauna and Hydro Dermafusion (Hydrating or Wet Detox Spa).


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