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Krampus sweet kiss excerpt

Have an excerpt of a scene from the novel I’m working on with the daughter of Santa Claus falling for the son of the Krampus.

“Why,” Emeric’s breath parted over her hair as she nuzzled her cheek to his chest. He could feel his heart trying to nuzzle back from inside. “Why did you come here?” he finally voiced the question that wouldn’t leave him. Why return? Why track him down?

Every other encounter was a mistake, pure accident, or Nadire being pulled back into a mess of his making. She never chose it purposefully, not like this.

A chuckle rumbled against her ribs pressed to his, her face pivoting until she emerged from his safe arms to gaze directly into his eyes. Her body flattened tight to his, thighs upon thighs, chest to chest, arms locking so the other would never vanish. With a ruffle of her breath, she whispered, “For you.”

They met in a kiss pure as an angel’s wings. Both lips softening at the exact moment, both pressing their souls into the touch that for the first time wasn’t lust induced. An odd sensation sloshed around in his mind, Emeric wanting to both laugh in triumph and cry in shock. She seemed to be trapped by the same confounding enchantment, wetness dripping from her eyes to land where his palm pressed to her cheek.