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Power Excerpt

A never before seen excerpt from the new sci-fi, fantasy book Power.

Pinching into her nose, Jaya said, “I don’t think you need me, but I’ll wait outside just in case.”

The male agent shrugged, and the female one nodded, but for a brief window Naiya stared at her as if the woman’s last lifeline was being tugged back into the boat. I’m sorry, I wish I could help. Biting her tongue, Jaya rushed out the door and heaved her back against the wall. Inside she could overhear the agents making plans with the mother, telling her when they’d come for the boy, how much of his things he could take with. They made a promise of when she’d be able to see him again — two months. It was always two months, for resettling purposes. To give the child a chance to adjust. It was never two months.

When the door to the room closed, Jaya staggered up to find the female agent swiping a hand over her pad and shuffling off the paperwork for a clerk to finish. “Thank you for your help in there. I hoped it wouldn’t come to violence.”

She should smile, thank the woman as well, then return to the office. They were the SK. It was one thing to thumb your nose at the state, that was practically coated in snot, but challenging the SK could wipe out your life.

“What the hell were you doing confronting the woman in the hospital?!” Jaya hissed. So much for having a life.

The woman waved a hand over her pad, barely lifting her perfectly sculpted eyebrow, “My job. The child was near death. Nearer to death than you can understand. We feared she would attempt to abscond with the boy.”

“Her boy,” Jaya tacked on.

“Yes, her child, whom she nearly killed through negligence. And I am uncertain why I am suddenly defending myself to you as if I am the bad guy.”

“It…” She scrunched up her eyes and sighed. “Forget it, forget I even…”

The woman’s soft pink fingernails landed upon the upper arm of Jaya’s leather coat. “The emotion was high in that room. I shall overlook your outburst given how it would have an effect upon anyone.”

The thank you clung to her tongue, but all she could do was limply nod and turn away. Jaya waited until she was near the lounge to lift up a portal, wanting to crawl into her basement office and face nothing for a day. A few people glanced over, no doubt they were waiting on information about their loved ones in surgery. Realizing she was no one important, they all returned to staring glumly at the ground.

Her hand parted through space, aiming directly for her office. Jaya was about to step through when she heard the male agent speak behind her. “When the shit are they going to pass that stupid law already? Let us take ‘em the second their jewel turns blue. Giving ‘em a chance, hope, only leads to this shit. It’s the humane thing to do.”

Not bothering to glance back, she stepped through her tear in space.