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How To Make Your Own Book Promos

Writers, you’ve got an amazing book, a perfect cover, and can’t wait to tell the world about it. You need a beautiful picture to ensnare readers attention and dollars. Time for the book promo.

While I use photoshop to create mine, there are some amazing and FREE resources on the internet to help you make something amazing and personal. Today, I want to show how to create your own book promos to get you on the road to marketing.

Everything you see below is free for you to use.

Cover Mockups

One of the first things you’ll want are images of your book cover on ebook readers, paperbacks, and phones. DIYBookCovers is a great resource to get you just that.

DIY is incredibly easy to use. You start by choosing what you want your book on: paperback, hardcover, ereader, or phone.

Or you can pick a combo of both ereader and paperback and add a phone. It’s completely up to you.

After you choose a template, upload your book cover and maybe the spine depending upon which template you chose. If you see two boxes, it wants the front cover in the first and the spine in the second.

Underneath the large image you uploaded you’ll find both PNG and JPG. If you click that you can download that image.

Which do you want? If you intend to just have your books on a white background go with the JPG, but if you want to get fancy, I suggest the PNG. That will give you a transparent background so you can easily change it to something amazing.


Got your book mockup? Time to head to Pixabay, an aggregate site of FREE images anyone can use. It’s perfect for background images to theme to your book.

Once you find your perfect background image, it’s time to combine the two. As I said, I use photoshop elements. But if you don’t want to drop down any money for a photo manipulating software, here comes GIMP.


GIMP is a free photo manipulating software. It is rather rough and there is a learning curve, but with it you can drop your cover mockup onto your chosen background and add whatever ad copy you want.

As you noticed, the text is hard to read. One of the most important parts of creating a book promo is that people can read the text.

If you select the paintbrush and add a new layer, you can add black below to help the text stand out.

But the black looks kinda stupid, so if you lower the opacity of the layer, it’ll help the text to pop while also blending in.

Once you’re happy, all that’s left is exporting as a PNG or JPG.

GIMP is a learning curve, but if you feel comfortable with it, I suggest looking into Covervault.


Covervault is an amazing resource to make book mockups for anything your heart desires.

You’ll have to use GIMP to do it, and it’s tricky, but amazing artists have done a lot of the work for you already. All you have to do is add your book cover to a changable smart object, and then text to the images.

But maybe you’re overwhelmed by having to design your own ads for your book. You don’t feel you can learn how to use GIMP or it’s just too much work? Well, guess what, there’s another free option perfect for you.

Book Brush

Book Brush is the easiest way to whip out a book promo. On the free plan you’re limited in what you can add and to only three downloads a month. But for the graphically challenged it couldn’t be easier.

The app will walk you through picking your ad size, let you add your choice of background, then the book mockup.

Perhaps the best part are the sticker options. You can easily add “Available at Amazon” and five stars to your book promo.

Hopefully this has helped you on the path to book marketing and you no longer feel left out when people share amazing promo images on facebook or instagram.

As for how I make my gif promos…

That’s a much more complicated tutorial.

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