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Meet Jaya

I recently published an interview with Jaya from Power in the Fantasy, Sci-Fi Reader Lounge and wanted to share it with all of you.

Readers Lounge: Jaya Foster, thank you for sitting down with the Readers Lounge today. What a treat this is going to be for our readers. Before we jump right into the interview, can you tell us a little bit about who you are?

Jaya: I’m Jaya Foster and come from a world where everyone has powers. Yeah, my last name means I was raised in a state-run home. You probably noticed the yellow jewel in my head and are wondering what my skill is? Well, I’m a Gater. Not a Portaler as everyone likes to call us. Pretty talented too. Level 5, so state-raised and state-taught to become their own personal executioner should anyone get out of hand. That isn’t my main job though. I’m in charge of making certain the Blues stay on their side of the city and to keep track of the Level 1s allowed over. One day I hope to get out of the basement office and get a real job as a Detective.

Readers Lounge: On to the interview. What do they like to wear?

J: Everything I own, at once. Okay, not quite. But as a Gater I have to keep a constant eye on my body temperature. My Skill leeches heat from my body to rip apart space and form portals. Because of that, probably my favorite piece of clothing are my fleece-lined thermal pajamas. They’d keep a lizard warm in winter.

Readers Lounge: What scares them?

J: Nothing. Next question.
Fine, fine. You ever felt your body drain from your, have your toes and fingers burn and freeze at the same time? Hear your heartbeat slowing to a sluggish single thump before succumbing to a faint? That’s why I don’t like being around cold-casting people or can stand winter. And drink all my beer warm.

Readers Lounge: If they could have lived in another decade which would it have been?

J: Sometimes I want to see the before scar time. We know almost nothing about the life before the red scars ripped through the planet’s crust. Imagine going all the way back to see if it was true like the crackpot’s theorize and humans once never had any Skills.

Readers Lounge: What is your most treasured possession?

J: My weapons-grade steel and ceramic thermos with fingerprint recognition so no one else can walk off with it. Doesn’t matter how cold they city’s gotten in winter, that baby can keep coffee warm for 24 hours. Not that any coffee in my possession will last longer than two hours tops.

Readers Lounge: What are you most ashamed of in your life?

J: Eating the popsicle that put me in a coma. I was only six at the time, didn’t even know what my skill was yet or how bad cold could destroy me, but that…that one popsicle changed everything.

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