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For Mermay, I’m working on a short, steamy MMF story with two mermen. I wanted to share a quick snippet of said work in progress.

She needed answers. “How did you save me? I was drowning, and I remember you…did you bring me here? Where are we? Where did you even come from in the middle of a battle?”

His jaw opened, and it had to be a trick of the light, but Jo would swear she saw two sets of teeth on the bottom row. Shaking his head, Namhu asked, “Which do I answer first?”

Why are you naked? No, that’s not the most pressing and it might enrage him. “How did you survive the battle?” she asked.

A splash shattered the still pool, Jo watching the ripples race to the edge as a fin splintered through the surface. She pointed at it, her mouth falling open to warn Namhu away from the potential shark, but he was all smiles watching it. The ripples drew closer, something barely under the surface swimming towards them. Not that it much mattered, fish couldn’t walk on land and…

At the edge, a head with hair green as seaweed rose up from the salty depths. She stared in confusion as a man fresh out of boyhood hooked his arms onto the edge and began to rise. The face was sweet and soft, the complete opposite of Namhu with features that spoke of a gentle nature. While she couldn’t see his eyes at this distance, something told her they’d be warm and mirthful, a smile already on his peach-pink lips

He too was shirtless, his muscled body giddy to Namhu’s pride. Upon pushing himself high enough to expose his belly, the new addition turned to Namhu. “Well? Did you guess right?”

“Yes, it is her,” Namhu announced.