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Interview — Colton Davies, Undercover Siren

Mr. Davies is here with us to talk about his book which is free today. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Colton, please. Uh, well, I’m from a farm, corn fed and all that. After high school I joined the Marines for two tours, then joined law enforcement. Now I’m an officer with the Sky City police department.

Sounds exciting.

Not particularly. Mostly minor stops on the road. Guarding the streets when its the farmer’s market and the like. Well. Except for this one time I stopped to help what I thought was a stranded driver on the side of the road. That turned into nothing I expected it to be.

There’s a story there.

Not one I’m privileged to share.

Understood. You’re a handsome man…


Six foot three, sandy blonde hair, amber eyes, a strong and sturdy frame with a scar cut into your sculpted lips. Yes, I’d think most would find that attractive. You must have your fair share of female attention.

Ha. I was married once. Fresh off of the last tour, leapt without looking situation. The divorce was mutual, but… I’m not very good at the dating situation. Now you have to have witty one liners at all times, three or four apps with profiles, and dozens of pictures. I don’t have time for that. Staying at home watching home improvement shows is an easier use of my time.

That answers my next question. If you were to run into her on the street, what type of woman would cause your jaw to drop?

That’s, uh… A kind one.

Kind? Is that all?

A heart that beams out love despite the barbed wire she guards it with. A mind sharp as a razor, and a gentleness that shouldn’t match but does. Hands that take the time to teach and guide. Eyes and hair brown as a wren’s. And the curves. God, those curves…

Sounds as if you have someone specific in mind.


If you could take this girl on the perfect date, no expense spared, what would you do?

Putting me right on the spot. Um, well, I’d get out of the city. Far as I could drive in my trusty pickup. The radio’s been on the fritz and it’s too old to even have a CD player, so it’d just be us talking. Her hand cupping my knee or gliding up my forearm. I’d pull into a field with nothing around for miles and miles save the corn. We’d have a picnic on the bed of my pickup, strawberries for sure. Got to have those. Then we’d snuggle up to watch the stars peek through the night’s sky and… Uh. The rest is redacted after that.

Understood. Thank you for visiting with us, Colton.

My pleasure. You can hear more about my adventures with my little wren in Undercover Siren, which I believe is free right now.