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Haberdasher’s Preview and Free Book

Coming soon, the sixth book in the Haberdashers series – Pheme’s Regret! 
Can the darkest of betrayals ever be forgiven?

Miriam Valentine is known as Lady Spencer among the ton. A charming young widow with a string of admirers. In the London papers she is only known by the initials L.D. The signature given to all the best, and worst, gossip from Town. But she has been harboring her own secrets and will need the Haberdashers to accompany her on a trip to France to retrieve her illegitimate daughter.

Nicholas Baudin has everything in his life precisely as he likes it. Some might find his persnickety ways annoying, but when you’ve had your entire life upended by lies and speculation you prefer routine. That is part of why he enjoys practicing the law. Until a woman from London, his former home, comes to him with an unusual case, and everything he has been trying to forget comes crashing back.

Read an exclusive excerpt below

Miriam walked to the door, expecting to see a man of middling to late years. She had, after all, asked for the best her money could buy and experience seemed the least of that expectation. What she encountered was a man closer to her own age, perhaps even younger than herself.

He stood behind his desk as though arrested in motion while doing something else. His hair was dark and wavy, styled in the long locks that were in fashion. His coat was dark gray. It didn’t suit him. This was a man who needed color to communicate the pent energy she could sense in him. He was attractive, strikingly so, but in a casual way that belied ego.

After a moment’s hesitation he bowed and waved her into the room. “Lady Spencer. Come in, please.”

Now it was her moment to hesitate. He spoke English with no accent. She gave a perfunctory curtsy. “Monsieur.”

His brow furrowed. Perhaps he was a bit older than she’d guessed. She’d never seen anyone less than fifty years who could affect that expression that was somehow both dyspeptic and intrigued.

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