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Join My Street Team!

  • Want to read books for free months before anyone else gets to?
  • Want to receive free book swag that goes for top reviewers and the media?
  • Want to potentially win Amazon Gift Cards once a month for a few social media posts?

If the answer’s Yes, then you should sign up to join my ARC & Street Team!

A month prior to my book releases/sales, I’ll send you an email with an information packet. Inside will be suggestions for tweets or facebook and Instagram posts.

All you have to do is copy and paste to share with the world. Each post gives you one entry into my giveaway.

I’ll keep my ARC requests separate so even if you don’t have time to read and review you can still join. But everyone on my team gets first dibs on reading my novels months before the world can.

While an honest review will increase your chances in the giveaway, it won’t be required. 

If that sounds interesting, please fill out the information form and I’ll be in touch. The first book is set for July and it’s a free one to whet your followers’ appetites.