Pancake Weekend

My book, Pride & Pancakes, will be coming out later this year. I was dreaming up some great ways to help promote it and thought “What if I make adorable pancake necklaces to give away?”

Here’s a quick step by step process of turning polymer clay into adorable pancakes.

Step One

Flatten the balls of clay, then make certain to warp the edge as pancakes are rarely perfectly circular.

Step Two

Add texture. I added some circular dips with a dental tool, then finished off by pressing course sandpaper against the top.

Step Three

Coloring time!

Pull out the soft pastels chalk. I start with a combo of yellows and brush them over the the pancake with a soft paintbrush.

Step Four

Then I pull out the darker oranges, reds, and browns. Using light layers, I add darker colors to the edges and pull a little deeper in.

Step Five

I wanted to make sprinkle pancakes, so I added dabs of red and green chalk to the pancakes. Then I rolled and cut out some teeny tiny sprinkles, and ended with making a yellow pat of butter shaped like a Christmas tree.

Step Six

After baking them, I covered the pancakes in a gloss to help increase the colors of the pancake, then glued them together with my epoxy.

Step Seven

I finished by adding on the sprinkles and butter. To make the syrup, mix some of the brown clay into the epoxy, then dab it on top.

Ta da! Now you have some adorable pancakes!