Ruthless with Marlie May

Marlie May

Give us the one to two sentence tagline for your book.

Only Eli, a wounded ex-Navy man, is ruthless enough to protect Mia from someone determined to destroy her.

What surprised you the most while writing this book?

How exciting it is to write about military heroes.

Why did you pick the setting you used for your book?

Maine, because I live in Maine.

What is the sexiest trait of your hero?

He loves to sing Disney tunes.

What is your favorite scene/moment in your book?

When they meet up after not seeing each other for 8 months, their cute exchange. She accidentally sends them both tumbling into the ocean.

What scene did you have to cut but wish could have been included?

Another sex scene. 😉

Tropes get a bad name, but they’re often the biggest draw for readers. What tropes do you love to write and read?

best friends to lovers, second chances

What are your favorite genres/sub-genres to write in? Are there any you love to read but cannot write in?

I love writing suspense, either adult or YA. I wish I could write enemies to lovers but my characters are too flirty for that.

Which do you love to write best: dialogue, setting, action, love scenes, or other?

I love writing dialogue filled with sexy innuendo.

Which do you hate to write: dialogue, setting, action, love scenes, or other?

It’s always hard to write scenes where you hurt your characters.


Only Eli, a wounded ex-Navy man, is ruthless enough to protect Mia from someone determined to destroy her. Doctor Mia Crawford moved to Maine to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend and forget what happened on a dark beach in Mexico. She excited to live close to her brother, Flint, and his new employee, Eli Bradley, a man who asked her out eight months ago when she couldn’t imagine ever dating again. When someone stalks her, she turns to Eli. Eli never forgot Flint’s younger sister, Mia. When things heat up between them, he envisions a future he never thought he’d have. Then someone breaks into her house while she’s sleeping and writes #1 on her bedroom mirror. A kidnapping attempt is followed by #2, and he fears it’s only a matter of time until Strike 3. No way in hell will he let that happen. But Mia’s past overshadows the present-and a shocking revelation puts her in the sights of a killer. It’ll take Eli’s military skills and the MacGyver tricks he’s picked up at Viper Force to keep the woman he’s falling for safe.

An Excerpt from Ruthless

Waves crashing on the Mexican beach masked all sounds—except for the footsteps coming up fast behind me.

My skin crawled with fear. Earlier, someone had shadowed me as I shopped for souvenirs in town. I’d tried to lose the creep and only after I’d raced down an alley and jumped into the back of a cab, shouting for the driver to go-go!, had I escaped.

No one was ever going to hurt me again.

Inhaling sharply, I pivoted and swung out my beach bag, smacking the person’s shoulder.
A man dropped to his knees on the sand, releasing a surprised curse. As quickly as he’d fallen, he burst to his feet, his feral gaze trained on me. His hand flew to his thigh. A weapon?
“Crap!” I backed away quickly. The setting sun eclipsed his face, making it impossible to make out his features. Had the man from earlier found me?

My heart thundered in my chest, and I instinctively took the stance my military-trained brother, Flint, had drilled into me. Fists raised. Feet squared. Ready to kick. My snarl collapsed when I got a better look at my opponent.

Double crap.

“Eli?” I gasped out. Horror and embarrassment surged through me like a red tide. Eight months ago, after Flint’s engagement to Julia abruptly ended, I’d flown out to Port Hueneme, California to help him pack up his things. He’d needed a change and was discharging from the Navy. His friend, Eli, had been stationed there. He’d asked me out but I turned him down, telling him long-distance relationships never worked, especially with a man who was career military, getting ready to deploy overseas.

It was the only excuse I could come up with. I couldn’t tell him the real reason.

“I’m sorry I hit you,” I said. “I thought, well…”

Eli brushed sand off his jeans, wincing when his hand encountered his right thigh. He huffed, but from the sparkle in his chocolate brown eyes, I could tell he also found the situation funny. He swiped his hand through his thick, dark blond hair and laughed. “Flint said you’d be down here, staring at the waves. Gotta say it, Mia, you sure know how to greet a guy.”

Figures. The first time I meet up with the man I’d thought about almost continuously for months, I nailed him with a sack of books. I’d never live this down.

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