Pursued with Danielle Pays

Danielle Pays

Give us the one to two sentence tagline for your book.

Don’t mix business with pleasure. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself.

What surprised you the most while writing this book?

The main character Ryan took a different turn than I was expecting. Sometimes when writing, plans change.

Why did you pick the setting you used for your book?

I love Seattle and its ability to be dark and gray one moment and then bright and sunny the next. That fit the tone of this book.

What is the sexiest trait of your hero(s)?

He’s very protective of those he cares about.

What is your favorite scene/moment in your book?

One of them is the scene where Katie traps the FBI agent on the elevator in order to get answers.

What scene did you have to cut but wish could have been included?

There was a girls’ weekend where they played Truth or Dare. Katie’s dare from that weekend is why she goes to the club in the beginning of the book.

Tropes get a bad name, but they’re often the biggest draw for readers. What tropes do you love to write and read?

Love to write: Enemies to lovers, reformed playboy. Love to read: Enemies to lovers, falling for best friend’s sister, reformed playboy.

What are your favorite genres/sub-genres to write in? Are there any you love to read but cannot write in?

I write romantic suspense.

Which do you love to write best: dialogue, setting, action, love scenes, or other?

Dialogue is my favorite by far especially if the characters are sparring.

Which do you hate to write: dialogue, setting, action, love scenes, or other?

I don’t hate to write any of it but I do go over any action scene several times to make sure I didn’t give a character three arms.


Don’t mix business with pleasure. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself. Ryan Thiel, known as Seattle’s most eligible bachelor instead of Seattle’s most powerful businessman, all because a local magazine changed its story direction after taking one look at him. He gets it, he’s hot. But he’s not happy. He has no interest in dating. Last time he tried, it ended in disaster. Then he meets Katie and all that changes. Katie Capone is starting over after discovering her ex-boyfriend slept with her coworkers. Now at a new job, she won’t make the mistake of mixing business with personal ever again. Then she meets Ryan. Forced to work with Ryan, Katie struggles to keep their relationship professional. Hard to do with the steamy looks he keeps giving her. Ryan wants Katie and this time, he is willing to wait. But when his past comes back and threatens to hurt Katie, Ryan must decide between the woman he wants or exposing a past he has buried. Surrounded by danger, Katie must decide if she can trust Ryan or if she is being used again. Pursued was selected as a finalist for the Daphne Du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense. This is a steamy, stand-alone, HEA romantic suspense romance

An Excerpt from Pursued

Now this felt right. Her nearness fired him up. But before they could get carried away, her hand went to his chest, pushing him away.

“How’s this going to work?” she asked.

He surveyed the room. “I was thinking right here on this table.” He winked at her.

Her mouth fell open, then she shook her head. Then she laughed. “On the table? Really? Why does that sound like a line too? Does it work for you?” Her hand went up. “Wait, don’t answer that.”

Ryan smiled. “Lines don’t work with you. That’s another thing I really like about you.”

“Oh.” She licked her lips.

Focus, Thiel. What had she been talking about before he’d brought up having sex on a table? “You meant working together, didn’t you? You think that will be a problem?”

“Yes, don’t you?”

“Why Ms. Capone, are you saying it’s hard to concentrate around me?” He leaned down and kissed her neck and then slowly moved up toward her ear.

“Um. A little.” A small moan escaped her mouth. She stepped back. “We can’t do that.”

He stalked toward her. “We can’t?”

“Not if we want to get any work done. And you can’t look at me like that either.”

“Like what?”

“Like you want to throw me on this table.”

“Sorry, I can’t help that.”

She put more distance between them. “Ryan, I need us to just be friends.”

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