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PSL Excerpt

Pumpkin spice, waterfalls, apple picking, Fae courts, and a sexy lumberjack who’s a secret fairy prince in hiding.

What could be better this Autumn?

Here’s an exclusive steamy excerpt where Jenny and the hot man she met chainsawing trees get into a whipped cream fight.


“You know what this needs?” I called while snapping my fingers. Not an ‘ah ha’ snap either. I rolled the room snapping through like popcorn in a microwave out of a nervous habit.

Bustling past him, I hid my face in the fridge. I didn’t realize how hot my cheeks were burning until the cold air struck. While I shoved around simple meals and produce for the coming week, Scott inched closer.


“What? No.” I slammed the fridge door shut with my hip while dropping my two secret weapons on the counter. “I’ve never heard of anyone having pumpkin spice brandy before.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” Scott said and my imagination took off. What would that combination taste like? Was there such a thing as pumpkin brandy?

Shaking it off while shaking the aerosolized can, I turned to him. His eyes drifted down to what I clutched in my hands and he sighed, “Of course, whipped cream.” We both laughed at the obvious, until his gaze raised up not to my face but my entire torso jiggling along with the can.

To my surprise, it was the man who realized what ensnared his attention before I had to say anything. Running a hand back through his soggy hair, Scott turned to check on his fire while I placed the can on the counter. Okay, so that was a good thing. He’s being polite.

Then why am I mad as hell that he didn’t stare longer and make “Mmm” noises?

Scrunching my nose, I popped off the blue cap and tipped the whipped cream to my cup. With one eye on the man doing his best to not look at me, I pressed on the nozzle.
Nothing happened.

I tried twice more, only a pitiful spurt of air escaping. “Come on,” I whined, giving it an even harder shake. “You can’t be empty. I just bought you.”

My flailing intrigued Scott, who left his fireplace vigil. “May I?” he asked, extending a hand to me. I was out of ideas, so gave it to him.

“Hm,” he mused while tipping it back and forth under the overhead light. “I think it’s clogged.”

Great. So I was doomed to an entire week with no whipped cream. Not the worst punishment handed down, sure, but I was already operating on a slippery slope. One more setback and it was straight to pushing rocks up hills for me.

“Don’t worry,” Scott said, his hazel eyes burning across me. That infectious smile claimed him as he said, “I can fix it.” Placing the can on the counter, he yanked a long nail from his pocket.

I sat up higher. “Do you keep a lot of long objects in your pants?”

“Only one other,” he said so smoothly my heart skipped a beat. “Now, let’s see…” Scott, the handyman who chopped down trees, lined up the nail with the spout on the whipped cream. Which was right about when my brain pieced together what he was about to do.


Too late. He rammed the nail down, piercing not only into the spigot but the can itself. The nail erupted from the end like a boulder out of a volcano and so too burst a massive spray of white sticky foam. It shot from the top coating everywhere. Globs attached to my hair, my chest. I lashed my hands out, trying to protect myself.

Laughing and crying out in shock, I glanced away from the cream fountain to watch Scott grab the can. Oh, he was going to toss it in the sink, or in the trash, or…

That devil turned it so the burst spigot aimed right at me. Scream/giggling, I flailed as whipped cream stuck to my cheeks and forehead. More of the sticky goo attacked my palms, the cream quickly melting from my skin and slipping along my wrists. I tried to lash out to grab it away, but Scott danced back.

“Oh, two can play at that!” I shouted and grabbed the caramel bottle on the counter. Leaving myself open, I wadded both my hands around the bottle, aimed it, and squeezed. Rich caramel arced through the air and splattered in his golden hair.

Scott shrieked while dashing back. Still, he held the whipped cream can up, making certain the last of it dripped out onto me. I gave the caramel another squeeze, the bottle striking his cheek and a long line dripping down to his pecs. Hurling the empty whipped cream can to the sink, Scott yanked off his shirt before the sugar struck it.

Every neuron in my brain focused on that single drop of caramel caressing down his body. It didn’t stop at his fine, rusty chest hair. No, it kept going. Swerving with the pockets of abs, which he had by the nine pack, and finally coming to a halt at his waistband. Which I couldn’t stop staring at.

We both looked up into each other’s eyes, our chests heaving. He’s half naked and drizzled with caramel. I’m coated in whipped cream.

Scott’s hand grabbed my waist, I the nape of his neck. Together, we mashed the cream and caramel together, our lips plunging into the sticky sweet abyss. Holy shit, Scott kissed like he was facing twenty years at sea. The sugary touch burned hot as his tongue wet across my lips. He lapped a dollop of cream from the side of my mouth, then dove in, spreading the melting richness between us.

God, he tasted even better than he smelled. Under the cream waited a nutty musk crisper than a bonfire that sent my hips rolling forward. “Oh fuck,” he gasped into my mouth. His hands rose beside my face, both palms cupping my cheeks as he stared deep into my eyes.
“I’ve missed this,” he declared, pulling me to him for a hard kiss. With his nose, he knocked my chin up, and hot lips nibbled along my throat. As he swerved his tongue over the creamy mess, a moan rumbled deep in his gut.

“You smell like,” he sputtered, his hips thrusting forward. A gasp escaped as the full length of his cock brushed against my belly. It pinged through me, my lips salivating for a lick, my fingers aching to wrap around it.

“You taste like…” Scott moaned before rolling his tongue across my clavicle. Back up my neck, he dug his chin into my shoulder while caressing the tip of his nose in the hollow behind my ear. “I need you,” he breathed.

“I…” What happened to that vacation away from men? From dating, and relationships, and sex?

A hot man covered in sticky sugar pleading for me happened.

“I want you,” I declared, running my nails across his thin waist and up over his back.