Autumn sounds & PSL

Hit play on this video, then read through this excerpt from PSL for the full autumn mood.

“What happened?” Scott spoke behind me. I spun on my knees and fell straight on my ass.

That supple but human skin I’d spent the night licking, touching, and caressing glowed. No, it radiated. Golden light sparkled from every inch of him, the corona of his glow stretching six inches around his entire body. As he shook his head, the blonde hair shifted to a brighter almost crayon yellow. And those eyes. I’d thought them preternatural before, but the greens sparkled like stars against the brown field.

Wait. Did I glow?

I whipped my head down to find the same blah, barely tan skin. Still hopeful that this was some drug-induced dream, I tugged at the flannel’s cuffs to count my moles.

“Jenny?” Scott shouted as if I’d walked in on him jacking off. “Autumn’s Slumber, you’re not supposed to be here. I’m not supposed to be here.”

“Here where?”

“That is…a difficult question.” Absently, Scott scratched along his neck. Rather than leaving behind red marks across his naked skin, orange and yellow glitter scattered into the air.

“Did you slip me something?” I tried screwing my eyes up in the hope the impossible visions would vanish. In all those guard your drink in college talks I’d never heard of roofies causing people to glow and walls to turn into trees. Anger boiling in my nauseated gut, I launched to my feet and stomped closer. “Did you drug me?!”

“No.” Scott raised his hands as if afraid I could do anything to him while I tripped all the balls. “This is…”

A scoff rolled in my throat. “What? Real?”

“Um…” He glanced to the side, unable to commit to the obvious lie. Glowing people weren’t real. Tree-houses, okay, houses in trees were real. Houses made out of trees, not so much.
My skin itched, my eyes ached, and the headache wouldn’t leave. All of that quickly added up to me wanting to haul off and sock the guy that drugged me. Just as I folded a fist up, as if that could do anything, a loud crash spun me away from Scott.

A massive witches-baking-children-for-dinner cauldron rolled along the floor. From it seeped a rainbow-colored slick, but that wasn’t what caught my eye. A woman with her hair pulled back into a kerchief stared at the two of us, her eyes wide as eggs.

“My lord!” she cried, no doubt startled to find two strangers—one of whom was naked—in her home. Did he drug and move me? Instead of the glowing naked man, it was me she kept staring at as if I was wrong. But, when Scott leaned in, her eyes grew three sizes wider. “My Lord!” she shouted and plummeted to her knees.

“Please,” Scott said, striding closer to her. “You needn’t…” As he passed me, light erupted from behind his shoulders even brighter than his new glow. My jaw plummeted while I watched a set of wings thin as gossamer and golden as an apple flutter off his back. Gold scattered with each flap, the remains lingering in the air like…like magical dust.

But that’s stupid.

There’s no such thing as…

“Scott,” I said, my voice warbling between pure rage and abject terror. He turned away from the prostrated woman to cast his ethereal eye upon me. “What are you?”

A snicker rolled across his lips and he turned to face me. He was naked as the day he was born. There’s nowhere to hide some fake, really fancy wings. But they wouldn’t vanish and they kept fluttering like a bird trying to dry off after the rain.

“I am…” He parted his hands wide as if to show he wasn’t a threat. “…a fairy.”