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Tristan Harty Shares What He’s Thankful For

I would like to welcome Tristan Harty, the famous singer-songwriter who first rose to fame when he was only sixteen with his huge hit, My Half.

Tristan: Politely chuckles The feels a hundred years ago.

You look wonderful for your age. Don’t worry reader, his sapphire eyes—posters of which adorned many teenage lockers and bedroom walls—haven’t dimmed an inch.

Tristan: I’m starting to wish I’d worn sunglasses. cough Should we talk about what you asked me to bring?

Oh, yes. In honor of the upcoming holiday, I asked all of my subjects to bring a dish that they eat with every thanksgiving. What do you have?

Tristan: This is a traditional hot dish with a tater tot layer over a mix of hamburger, gravy, and a vegetable mix.

And that’s something you’d eat for thanksgiving?

Tristan: Well, not traditionally as a kid. But when I moved away from Minnesota for my music, it became what I’ve always asked my Mom to make for every holiday home. No one makes it as great as her.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, what is something you’re thankful for?

Tristan: Reporters with more creative questions? sighs I am grateful for the opportunity from my label and fans for a second chance to try and win you back all these years later.

Has it been difficult reemerging into the spotlight after your rather boisterous exit eight years ago?

Tristan: That isn’t something I’d like to… My family. To answer your question, I am thankful to those closest to me who’ve forgiven my past indiscretions and helped me to grow. Even old musicians can learn new tricks, it seems.

Is there someone special who will be sitting down at your thanksgiving table to eat your tater tot hot dish with?

Tristan: No. No…no. I am far too busy with my new album and tour to let anyone into my heart.

That’s usually when love hits, when you’re most vulnerable and not looking for it.

Tristan: I will be on the lookout for any babies sporting crossbows then. Though, there is no denying how nice it would be to have someone to snuggle by the fire with. To serenade by the twinkling lights on the tree. sighs Perhaps one day.

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