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Christmas Competition

I have an amazing goody bag that anyone can win put together just by me. Best of all, everyone who signs up gets a free book from me!

Enter for your chance to win a Christmas Goody Bag from me, and get your FREE copy of PSL

☞ Pride & Pancakes eBook
☞ $10 Amazon Gift Voucher
☞ Tartan bag with leather handle
☞ Waffle Maker with Snowflake Imprint
☞ Blue and Gold Infinity Scarf
☞ Pancake Necklace handmade by the author
☞ Vanilla Icing Scented Bubble Bath
☞ Snowman Stress Toy
☞ Blue and Gold Star Ornament
☞ Cosmic Holographic Facial Mask
☞ Gingerbread Scented Bath Bomb
☞ Hogwarts Tumbler with Straw
☞ Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Sample (Author’s favorite and exclusive to Nebraska)
☞ Victorian Caramel Coffee Sample
☞ Guitar Coffee Spoon

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