Advent Calendar: Day 3

Enter to win an ebook copy of The Best Gifts Aren’t Wrapped by Cassie O’Brien and a box of chocolates.

Who says Santa doesn’t bring even the saddest person a beautiful gift?

Lauren hates Christmas. It reminds her of the death of her husband, Brian, and brings back memories too painful to bear. To keep herself busy over the festive season, she decorates a room in her house and shuts the rest of the world out – the door locked as tightly as her heart and emotions.

Until Joe comes along, a neighbor who is divorced, has two sons, and enough compassion to see her through the dark times. Although Lauren’s not looking for love, it creeps up on her, stealing her breath and forcing her to see that although she’s angry with Brian for putting himself in a fatal situation, she can now remember him with the affection he deserves. Joe has helped her to see life is precious, and when Santa arrives with an extra-special gift, her world is complete, and she can once again go about the business of living – with her heart well and truly taken.

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