Advent Calendar: Day 15

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A woman on the run. A werelion desperate to protect his pride. A psychopath out to destroy them all.

Shapeshifters are disappearing. It happens, but this time, it’s entire families from Damien’s pride. But he can’t just pick up and disappear with what’s left. As Alpha, it’s his job to find the missing shifters and protect the ones left … if they can survive long enough.

Katherine didn’t have a past worth remembering, so she stayed on the move. No roots, no getting close. Until the day her neighbors are taken away in black SUVs, leaving the house trashed and their children hiding in fear. Turns out her neighbors are no ordinary people. They’re shifters who need her help. In trying to protect the children now in her care, she stumbles into a secret world and right into the arms of an Alpha lion who trusts no one.

Each are drawn to the other in ways they never anticipated. And they soon realize they may have a common enemy. One that wants nothing more than to crush one and cage the other.

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