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Happy Pride & Pancakes Day!

It’s the release day for Pride & Pancakes! AAAHHH!!!

There are so many ways to celebrate!

🥞 Buy my book! Come on, what better way to help me celebrate than by joining in with your own copy of Pride & Pancakes? “A wonderful modern twist on a beloved classic”

🥞 Swing by the facebook group Bestsellers to hang out with me and a bunch of other authors!

🥞 Pour yourself a warm cup of cider and listen to me read an excerpt for you.

🥞 Have you entered my Advent Calendar Giveaways? Today’s is an amazing full blown pancake gift basket put together by me.

🥞 Read my interview in Uncaged Book Review Magazine page 50-55.

🥞 Leave me a review! Already finished P&P because you devoured it in the few hours it was released? Authors can only feed upon the reviews left by their readers.

🧜 Get Reefcake for Free! What better way to celebrate the release of a book than by giving one away?

Get Reefcake for Free

🥞 What about my huge giveaway haul with my publisher? There’s still time to enter and you get a free book.

🥞 Make some hot cocoa pancakes! They’re exceedingly easy for any level of cookery skill.

🥞 Whew! It’s been a long day. Let’s curl up with a lovely fire while Tristan serenades us on the guitar.

Happy Pancake Day!

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