Advent Calendar: Day 19

Enter to win an ebook copy of The Secrets Within by Mary Dean

Alex Heart wakes up one morning to have her entire world turned upside down.

Announcing they are going on a trip without her father, Alex’s mom swiftly takes Alex away from her home and the boy she has loved all her life, Nix.

With this sudden news of Alex leaving, Nix does something he has been wanting to do for years– he kisses her. Realizing now is her chance with her crush across the street, Alex vows to tell Nix about her feelings when they return from their trip.

Only, this isn’t a vacation. It turns out Alex is on the run with her mother. But she has no idea from who. Now, she learns that she is a magic being! Finding herself back in her hometown of Cliffhaven, the journey to discovering who she really is begins and also a romance with the boy, who is a man now.

But he has his own demons and he can’t forgive himself for the man he became as he grieved her. But Alex refuses to accept that he isn’t good for her. As they reconnect, Alex falls for an evil plan and her life is in danger. As her family tries to save her, secrets and truths are revealed and the happily ever after for so many seems like it may or may not be obtainable.

With heartbreak, mystery, and betrayal around every corner, Alex must fight for her life…and those she loves.

Check out the other prizes you can enter to win on the main calendar page.

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