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Tiny Library Update

You asked, so here it comes.

I’ve got most of the furniture glued together. The chair in particular nearly killed me. I wound up not having enough fabric so I got a new piece to upholster my tiny armchair. Instead of being a boring red, it’s now a pretty green and blue.

I also decided to get fancy and added some of my own books to the library. There’s PSL, Gettin’ Lucky, and Reefcake on the shelf.

I added my own brand logo on one of the dozen boxes I had to put together. Who knew libraries had so many hat boxes just chilling among the stacks?

And for the last addition, I wanted a piece of my friend’s art in my tiny library. So I included her drawing of my characters from Son of Krampus. This is a very exclusive library that can get books years before they’re even published.

The next stage is folding so many books. SO MANY BOOKS!

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