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A Look Back Thanks To You

To celebrate the end of 2019, I thought I’d share a secret about all of the books I published this year.

I originally wanted to include a scene where Jess discovers the key hidden inside the walls of her bedroom, but I didn't have space. So I put it in a flask by the tree instead. I think that worked out better.
I was always going to have Michael save Lev from the 30-50 feral hog attack, but I didn't arrive at the mass of small animal shifters showing up to help until late in writing.
It was supposed to end with Jo shooting an arrow with a message into the mast of the ship to tell them their Captain was dead. But in order for it to work, I'd have to switch to a random buccaneer's POV and didn't think that'd hold up.
This was originally menant to be a short novella. I was going to have everything happen in the human realm, but then I realized how could I not head to the fairy world? Out came 60K words.
I hated writing the song so so SO much. I suck at poetry and know it. But I couldn't not have a lyrical and heartfelt song that Tristan uses to woe Beth back. So...I forced myself to get through it.


I hope you enjoyed this little retrospective and dive into my books. None of it could have been possible without all my great readers. Thank you again from 2019. Time to look forward to 2020 and the new books to come.

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