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Special Delivery Arrives Today!

My adorable M/M Romcom arrives today!

Valentine’s Day is coming and you better believe Jack knows it.

Working in a floral shop and all he can’t really avoid the damn holiday. But all his grumbling loneliness flies out the window when his old high school crush walks through the door

This novella contains:
✅ Pining
✅ Roses
✅ Attack Cats
✅ Begging
✅ Knots
✅ Chocolate
✅ Confessions
✅ & More

Jack Dawson has been madly in love with Tan Nguyen since high school. So when his oldest crush walks into his flower shop to place an order, Jack…runs into the closet to hide.

Valentine’s Day is the worst day for florists, especially lonely ones who just want a boyfriend at least a quarter as hot as Tan. Add in Jack having to hand-deliver a special romance basket for Tan’s secret date while wearing a bright red suit and he’s tempted to flee to Canada.

But, to his shock, this is going to be a February Fourteenth that Jack will never forget.