Valentine Chocolate — Truffle

Lillian is a contradiction. Soft and hard, she’ll venture into the Amazon jungle with a stranger, but who? The respected historian or the roguish treasure hunter?

Enter to win an ebook copy of Lost Relic: An Interactive Romance Adventure by J.R. White and a $5 Amazon Gift Card

Years of working inside a museum have taken a toll on Lillian’s passion for history. Now two strangers, each a master of his field, have shown up offering her a chance to rekindle her love. The lost temple of the Golden King is hidden just beyond the horizon of the Amazon and now Lillian has the chance to be a part of its discovery. Will she follow the prestigious historian or the roguish treasure hunter? You decide.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine Chocolate — Truffle”

  1. I am having trouble entering your giveaway. The new King Sumos will only let certain people enter. And for some reason, I am on their list. I enter all your contest and follow you on social media. If you could put my email in the entry form, it will come to me email and I can confirm. Thank you.


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