Valentine Chocolate — Peanut Caramel

Chocolate with a gooey caramel center curled around peanuts—violinist Garret may be yummy on every layer, but he’ll do anything to win aloof teacher Adara’s heart…even reveal his nerdy, nuttier side.

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Introverted teacher versus unstoppable violinist. She wants to be alone. He wants her heart. Let the games begin…

After the unexpected death of her musician brother, third-grade teacher Adara buries her grief, avoids all music and vows to exist without attachments. Social solitude works perfectly…until she’s forced to share her classroom with the new music mentor, a man who rattles her carefully constructed cage and sparks emotions she prefers to keep chained.

Always up for a challenge, violinist Garret is a master of patience and persistence, and the minute he meets Adara, he knows what he wants. Her sharp humor and haunted eyes inspire him in a way he’s never felt before. He makes it his mission to chip through her shields and breathe her back to life—no matter how hard she resists.

Even as Adara struggles to keep Garret at a distance with each clash of wills, each smile he coaxes, each kiss he steals, her resistance crumbles. But when the past catches up with them both, they will discover that some promises are meant to be broken…and others are worth risking everything for.

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  1. King Sumo has me blocked so I can’t enter any of these giveaways. I entered all the Advent ones. I ask them why they pick and choose so they blocked me. I think it’s so unfair. I tried to explain to them about following authors on Goodreads, Amazon and BookBub. A lot of other people are getting the same treatment. Loved Kissed Bargain Books dropped King Sumo because of how they treat people and they received several complaints from others.


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