Valentine Chocolate — Caramel

Everyone deserves a second chance at love… Worth the Wait relates to caramel because like caramel, family always stick together…

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Love. Devastation. Anger. Sadness. Hope. Love.

Everything that we do, leads back to love. But what happens when you lose the one who is closest to you? How do you continue on after such a loss?

Meet Emily who is a single mother of Sam. Not only did Emily lose her husband, but Sam has lost a father. The struggles of putting one foot in front of the other is getting harder by the day but all of that changes when a fiery red head named Jamie comes into the picture. Coming in like a whirlwind, she brings back the hope and friendship that Emily has once lost. Not only does she bring in a friendship, but she brings in a family dynamic that Emily had forgotten existed. Jamie’s brother Caleb has been dealing with his own personal demons and loss, and is not prepared for the beautiful woman that has befriended his sister.

With dealing with so much loss, can both Emily and Caleb open their hearts up again to the prospect of love?

Everyone deserves a second chance at love…

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  1. This book sounds intriguing and like a very good and Beautiful love story, like a real good page turner! Thank you for sharing about it. Thank you for the chance at this Awesome sounding book with such a Beautiful cover!


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