Valentine Chocolate — Chili

90s boybander Sam really needs to think about spicing up his love life and when Ellie came back after twenty-five years apart that’s exactly what she intends to do…

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By our forties we’ve got it all sussed out. Career, love life, family, everything is just as it should be, isn’t it?

It’s New Year’s Eve and former wild child Ellie Thatcher–now a music journalist and virtual recluse–finds herself burying her cat and her feelings too. When she receives an anonymous copy of her ex-boyfriend’s new album, it might just be the kick up the butt she needs to ditch her pajamas and bathrobe and get back out into the real world.

Sam Barns a divorced, stay-at-home dad is suffering from a nasty case of empty nest syndrome. He left the music world a long time ago, replacing it with PTA meetings and dance recitals. When Ellie comes knocking at his door looking for the scoop of the year, he can’t get his slippers and cardigan off quick enough. He wants her back in his life and he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to win her heart.

From the USA via Paris to the stately homes of Hertfordshire, these two are on a mission to revive Sam’s career and relive the wild days of their past. Unfortunately, their children, baffled by their parents’ midlife shenanigans, have other plans.

Sam must reconcile his role as a father whilst trying to repair his fragile relationship with Ellie.

And both of them have to work out just what it is that makes their perfect duo so harmonious in the bedroom, but dissonant in every other part of their lives, before their love falls flat once again.

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