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Leap Day Secret

Every leap day, the fog of time warps from the glitch of a change to the calendar. It rolls away to reveal secrets not to be seen for years…or more.

A single sunbeam pierces through the clouds to reveal an excerpt scrawled across the book of time. It reads as thus:

A gorgeous man with sun-kissed skin stood on my yoga mat. His hair was lush and reached to his collarbones. His very exposed and cut collarbones. Which drew my eye lower down the rest of his body.

I could have offered to check him for moles for how naked he was. The chest glistened the only way hairless skin could, which he had puffed out to display his impressive pecs. A single line of dark hair revived itself under his labyrinth of abs. I tried to count them but lost track as I followed the treasure trail down to a pair of red satin briefs that barely covered his shame.

And it wasn’t just because the fabric was tiny enough it revealed nearly his full bush to the world. No, whatever pipe he was swinging bulged so tight below his underwear, it looked like it was vacuum packed for easy transport.

What if that wasn’t the full show he had?

What the hell was wrong with me?!

I lashed out with my hand and snatched up the first thing I could…which happened to be a pillar candle. Waving it about as if it was a club, I shouted, “Who the fuck are you?!”

The man laughed, his voice that deep, roll through every nerve in my body baritone. “Highly accurate,” he said, raising and lowering his sharp eyebrows while a smile perched on his lips.

I shook the candle around, prepared to attack him if he didn’t give me an answer. The stranger eyed it up, then said, “I am your incubus.”


“And I must say…” He placed a hand to his ab-alicious stomach and peered down. “I quite like your preferences. Ooh.” His hand slipped under his red briefs and he started to jerk his hand along his full cock. Those dark eyes rolled back into his head and he shook his black hair while moaning.

I could nearly see the tip peeking above his underwear, his large hand yanking the waistband lower and lower. My toes raised my body up, trying to get me a better view, when I scowled. “Stop that!” I shouted as much at him as my own train wreck libido.

The man pulled his hand away instantly and extended both out as if I had him at my mercy. Ha. Sure.

“Let’s start again. Who are you?”

His infectious smile wavered, drawing my attention to how hawk-like his features were without the raised cheeks of a grin. I clenched my toes, afraid of what his anger would bring, but it snapped away in an instant. “I am yours, Layla. What more need be said?”

“Mine? How the shit are you mine? I’ve never seen you before in my life!” I shouted, still brandishing the candle. To my surprise, he kept acting like it was a real threat to him.

His eyes stayed steady on the sweet pea pillar while he spoke. “I am here to answer your every desire.”

My desire? Who the shit breaks in and… No.

Ah fuck, no. Dana and the rest did not chip in to get me a…an incubus as he called himself. Did that mean a male prostitute?

She said my gift would arrive later, and I did give her a key to my apartment in case of emergencies. Did sneaking a male whore inside count as an emergency? I whipped back to my front door, noting the locks in place.

“Look, this is all very…” Humiliating that my friends know I can’t get a date to save my life. “Flattering, but I don’t—”

The stranger stepped closer and my senses flooded with him. His heat burst across my skin like a warm bath. His scent, rugged as an alpine mountain, tingled down my spine and lit a fire inside me. And his look…fuck me, but he was even hotter out of the shadows.

Those eyes that’d been dark as night were in actuality an otherworldly amber. His sharp nose and harsh cheekbones combined with the full bottom lip made the word pretty almost perch on my tongue. But then I glanced down his body, the muscles taut and proud, his gate strident, that full to bursting brief, and he was nothing but fire.

“I am yours to command, to will, to dance to your every desire, my lady,” he announced, his head bowing low. My fingers ached to rummage through the thick hair before me, to tug on the roots and crush him to my lips.

His head popped up and a smirk greeted me. Shit, did he read my stupid horny thought on my face?

I stared at the candle. He didn’t seem to be a threat, and if Dana booked him…?
I mean, it’s never nice to return a gift unused, right? It seemed very impolite.

Halloween will reveal all…