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A Free Vampire/Werewolf Steamy Story

Like a lot of the US, I’m staying at home to try and flatten the curve. So I thought to myself, why not write a never before seen steamy story for everyone else trapped inside?

Luna’s a hot werewolf who has to take care of her sexy vampire boyfriend after he falls ill. 

This is a steamy story with some spicy monster love making and, best of all, it’s completely free!


“It’s evenfall, love,” I said, my tone sweet as I padded across the carpet.

Khalid’s stark white eyelids rose, beaming his scarlet fire irises on me. At least that was back to normal. He moved to sit up as I leaned closer. With the back of my hand, I tried to test the temperature on his forehead.

“How’s it looking?”

“Cold as the crypt,” I said, curling my hand along his striking jaw. “Much better than last night, thankfully.” He’d looked like life warmed-over stumbling through my door, clutching at his stomach, and wailing as the proverbial banshee. I’d put aside my vitriol at that moment and bundled him off to sleep where he’d remained for nearly twenty-four hours.

Giving one last trace of my thumb down his sheer cheekbone and into the hollow, I said, “Maybe next time I tell you to stay inside, you’ll listen to me.”

Love Sick Excerpt