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What I’ve Been Up To

I was all ready to seize the self-isolation time to write as many books as possible…right until the weather went from 30˚ to 60˚ then back down to 30˚ and snow in three days.

Spring is always hard on me due to weather-induced migraines, but last week was the absolute worst. My migraines transformed to jaw pain, I missed two nights of sleep, couldn’t talk, and was in constant pain. For a time, my husband and I were debating if there was anywhere we could even go for help in the midst of this pandemic.

Luckily, once it snowed, the pain mostly passed. So I’ve tried to pick up the slack and vanish into the author behind the scenes mode.

Rash & Rationality

Love is a lot closer and more complicated than Marty ever dreamed.

Marty Dashwood is a true romantic. Hearts, chocolates, kisses on the hand—the whole nine yards. His killjoy brother Eldon doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but one day Marty will have the perfect meet-cute, she’ll fall helplessly in love with him and they’ll live happily ever after.

Brandy’s worked with Marty for almost two years. He’s the best friend she could ever have hoped for after the accident that took her husband. So she should be happy that Marty finally found what he’d always wanted, right?

So why does it feel like every time she sees Marty with the ‘Social-Media Angel’ he rescued from a mugger, a piece breaks off her heart? How can she explain any of this to him before she loses her best friend forever?

Rash and Rationality is a modern gender-swapped friends-to-lovers Sense & Sensibility, set in a cozy bookshop.

I’ve turned in the last edits for Rash & Rationality to my publisher. Fingers crossed, the follow up to Pride & Pancakes will be arriving this late July. If you’re looking for a sweet and funny book featuring a helpless romantic hero and an adorable baker heroine, this is for you.


One bad boy demon for her birthday

All Layla wanted was to spend her Halloween birthday alone. She never expected a nearly naked man in a red thong to appear out of nowhere in her living room. He calls himself Ink and insists he’s an incubus bound to her. Not about to fall for that, she plans to toss him out on his shiny butt, when she remembers her friends kept hinting at a late birthday present. Layla fears they got her one hot session with a man built for sex. And it’s not nice to return a gift without trying it out…

In this steamy prequel to a paranormal reverse harem series, Layla learns that her entire life has been a lie and that sometimes a man who wants to answer her every desire is exactly what he appears to be.

That’s right! I’m working on a new paranormal reverse harem series. Is that exciting? I hope so because I’m cracking my knuckles in anticipation. This will be an interconnected series where each book adds a new guy to the relationship giving me time to craft not only how they react to Layla but the other men as well.

I’d call this series a dark cross between Lucifer and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. There will be life and death action scenes, dark desires fulfilled, and never before seen creatures plucked from my fevered imagination.

This will be part of my publisher’s romance collection for Halloween, but I’ve already started working on the second book in the series called…


Any guesses what will be in this one?

Now that my laptop is back from the doctors (picked a great time to have the battery expand. Thanks fate!), I’ve cracked into Claw and can’t wait to discover Calvin the next in the coven.

Do any of these upcoming books whet your appetite?

How are you surviving in quarantine? Watch my blog, something new and exciting is coming next week.

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