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Celebrate Easter with Mermen

For Easter, why not kick back with two mysterious mermen here to rescue you?

Joanna fears her life is over when her father, the Governor of Havana, forces her onto a ship for Spain. She will be wed against her will. In the midst of a pirate attack, Jo’s salvation comes from under the seas. She wakes from her rescue to find two delicious men who need her.

Namhu is the serious, life-saving protector, with a body that could walk through a wall. Enki is a beautiful prince of the sea with green hair, a twinkle in his eye, and a tender charm. Both are ecstatic to share in Joanna in this ménage story under the sea.

A steamy mermen novella with sword fights, ship battles, and a sexy ménage with a prince merman, his most trusted bodyguard, and a woman who refuses to belong to one man.