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First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from one of my books.
This week it’s hot menage found under the sea when Joanna is rescued by two mermen.

»»————- Reefcake ————-««

Her whole life she was trained to not despoil herself. To always be aware of any men in the vicinity who might take her purity and ruin her for her future husband. Walk away. Huddle by the fire. Thank them for saving her. It was what a lady who walked head bowed to her execution via wedding band would do.

Joanna leaned forward, a hand digging through Enki’s verdant locks. Pulling those taunting lips flush to hers, she smiled to herself. There was nothing she wanted more than to destroy herself with these two men.

The moment she tasted Enki’s salty lips melting to a musky sweetness, his hands swept under her breasts. Every chill raced from her bones as the merman kneaded against her giving flesh. When he slipped his thumbs against her nipples Jo gasped into his mouth.

“You enjoy that as well?” Enki asked, the smile rising across his face as he pressed her forehead to his. She laughed, her eyes shut tight while swaying her aroused chest against his palms. Pleasure arced through her body like lightning striking the open ocean. She felt its piercing path all the way down to her toes.

Chuckling at the realization, Enki glanced to the man holding her hips in place from behind. “Same as you, Namhu,” he said, his tongue lapping his lips.

Jo blinked in surprise, breaking from his expert hold to stare over her shoulder. There was no shame on Namhu’s face, no anger at being discovered, only a knowing smile and fire crackling between the two men. “You both like to…?” She drew a finger from one to the other as if anyone else was in the cave with them.

While Enki snickered, as if the idea was preposterous, it was Namhu who cupped her chin in his hand. Pulling her close so that his words tickled her face, he said, “We enjoy each other.” And he plunged her lips to his, his tongue slipping into her mouth. The heat of it shuddered down her spine, Joanna moaning as the strong tongue guided her trembling lip into his mouth. He nipped with certainty against hers.