Author Interview with Sofia Aves

Sofia Aves

Give us the one to two sentence tagline for your book.

Five sexy cops, an artist and a criminal genius in the coffee capital of the world.

What surprised you the most while writing this book?

Collision was my NaNoWriMo project and I fell in love with my boys. They were just so easy to write!

Why did you pick the setting you used for your book?

I let my readers choose! I posted in Sofia’s Sweet Sirens, asking where they wanted the books set – they picked Australia over the USA and Melbourne was their favourite city,
So…that’s where we went!

What is the sexiest trait of your hero(s)?

Loyalty. Nothing hotter than someone who will stand with you through absolutely everything. Oh, that and a sexy pair of well muscles forearms 🙂

What is your favorite scene/moment in your book?

Their first kiss. World changing stuff.

What scene did you have to cut but wish could have been included?

Mila’s point of view of a scene where a foster child comes into contact with her father who abandoned her. Well, sort of.

Tropes get a bad name, but they’re often the biggest draw for readers. What tropes do you love to write and read?

Friends to lovers and close proximity. My favs.

What are your favorite genres/sub-genres to write in? Are there any you love to read but cannot write in?

Love romantic suspense, cops, military…and might have a college series in the works next year…

Which do you love to write best: dialogue, setting, action, love scenes, or other?

Banter! I love writing the sassy scenes.

Which do you hate to write: dialogue, setting, action, love scenes, or other?

These were my first ever kiss and sex scenes. It was daunting!

Five years ago, Mila was held up in a bank heist. While she survived, her co-worker didn’t. Nightmares of the criminal genius’ cruel eyes have plagued her since his escape at the hands of a rookie, hot-shot cop. Cal is still chasing his nemesis, the only man he’s failed to put behind bars, and who nearly destroyed his fast-tracked police career. When he rear-ends a car while texting his frustrating ex, Cal and Mila are thrown headfirst into a maelstrom of events that brings them face to face with the man they both fear. BLINDSIDED Releasing June 19, 2020

Excerpt from Collision

I began to laugh, a giggle at first that quickly became full-blown hilarity. He stared, concern written across his gorgeous face, likely wondering whether I’d lost it. I flapped at him, grasping my side where the paint had dried into a thin crust, itching my skin as crinkles flaked over my fingers. Still laughing, I bent over, and plopped back to the gutter, taking short breaths as pain returned in my chest, throbbing dully.

“Look, I can make it up to you,” he towered over me, “happy to pay cash and I have a mate who could fix– no, that sounds terrible. You pick the repair shop, and I’ll pay for it. I just don’t want to report it.”

He kept rambling as I stared up at him, hand to my head which was playing its own symphony of pain.

“I know it sounds bad, but I can promise you I can pay for the damage, I– oh, hell. Can I take you out?”

Sofia is a romantic suspense author from Brisbane, Australia. She started writing romance when she couldn’t find the books she wanted on the shelves in her local bookstore and became addicted to storytelling. She exists on a diet of coffee and champagne and routinely kills her collection of orchids.

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