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Ink Peek

Ink, the first book in a new RH PNR series, arrives this Halloween. Layla expects to have a boring birthday, when a nearly-naked man appears out of nowhere in her living room. Her Halloween plans have changed.

Here’s a little sneak peek just for you.

“Look, this is all very…” Humiliating that my friends know I can’t get a date to save my life. “Flattering, but I don’t—”

The stranger stepped closer and my senses flooded with him. His heat burst across my skin like a warm bath. His scent, rugged as an alpine mountain, tingled down my spine and lit a fire inside me. And his look…fuck me, but he was even hotter out of the shadows.

Those eyes that’d been dark as night were in actuality an otherworldly amber. His sharp nose and harsh cheekbones combined with the full bottom lip made the word pretty almost perch on my tongue. But then I glanced down his body, the muscles taut and proud, his gate strident, that full to bursting brief, and he was nothing but fire.

“I am yours to command, to will, to dance to your every desire, my lady,” he announced, his head bowing low. My fingers ached to rummage through the thick hair before me, to tug on the roots and crush him to my lips.

His head popped up and a smirk greeted me. Shit, did he read my stupid horny thought on my face?

I stared at the candle. He didn’t seem to be a threat, and if Dana booked him…?

I mean, it’s never nice to return a gift unused, right? It seemed very impolite.

He rolled his hand around the candle, plucking it from me before I could even put it down. “I don’t believe this is necessary, unless you were hoping to set the mood?” After placing the pillar on the coffee table, he turned and smirked. “Or intended to pour hot wax on my body.”

“What…?” Fucking hell, what did she get me? Okay, the hottest incubus at the dude ranch. But, still–

“You seem,” he whispered while rolling his hands through my hair. It’d been a matted mess from a long day of school and drinking, but under his fingers the curls became ordered and shiny. Hot breath whispered against my neck, causing me to shiver down to my toes. “…as if you require some relaxation.”

Strong fingers dug into my shoulders, kneading away the stress. A moan slipped from my lips, this stranger making fast work of unraveling the tension I’d carried since I was nine.

“Now that is music for the ages,” he said behind me. His hands released from my shoulders and began to slide down my back. Flat palms caressed my weary ribcage before rounding right at the side of my breasts. Dressed in little more than an old bra and scrubs, I could nearly feel his skin on mine. It sent my heart racing.

“What’s your name?” I spat out, clinging to the idea that if I knew who he was then it couldn’t be so pathetic. All the while, my body begged for him to touch more of me.

“Do we need names?” he asked and that pouty bottom lip caressed the shell of my ear. He didn’t bite down, didn’t lick, just placed it there telling me he could do anything at a moment’s notice.

I spun in his hands, which settled right on my hips. The fingers kept tugging on the waistband of my scrubs, this incubus slapping the elastic back and forth. “What if I need to call you? Give you directions?”

He smirked, his eyes blazing as the amber shifted to fire. “That should not be a concern. But if you are wondering what to shout to the rooftops while I devour you…?”

Fuck, how did he know that?

“I believe Ink will suffice.”

“Ink?” I repeated while staring the man up and down. “And…what are you going to do to me?”

Swooping his fingers under my shirt, he dug into the small of my back. I flew forward, his lips a breath from mine as he said, “Whatever you desire.”