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Crossing the finish line

It took 76,000 words. I started in April, got distracted writing Homebound, then returned to finish the first draft of Claw. The second in my upcoming Coven of Desire series, there’s a sex demon, a werewolf cult, a heroine trying to become a nurse, and a murder mystery.

Here’s a little peek where Layla runs into Calvin in the coffee shop during a study session.

Caffeine! My depleted brain cried out. Sugar. Fat. Feed me, Layla. Feed me!

I pulled in a breath, taking in the scents of a coffee shop in early November. “Please don’t tell me that’s some pumpkin spice bullshit,” I said, already weary of autumn’s grip on the culinary world.

Dana snorted in her cup sloshing bubbles over the side. Fariah spoke instead, “I’m trying their maple cream latte.”

“Okay, that sounds good,” I groaned, spinning my head around to try and read the menu. The hand chalked letters danced like those old wobbly cartoons. Whoa. I felt myself tipping to the side, about to plow into a table and impale a chair through my ribs.

A hand wrapped around my shoulder. I whipped my head over in shock, sending the world reeling once again. Eyes blue as an afternoon sky in Iceland greeted me. “Calvin?” I whispered, words clogging in my neurons. My instincts expected to find fiery eyes and jet black hair. Instead I stumbled on white blond hair and a face as clear as a glacier lake. Ink didn’t have a single mole on his demonic body, but he always carried around a day’s worth of stubble regardless of the calendar.

The smooth jaw, sharp as a dagger with nary a hair to disguise it, sent my heart wobbling.
“Long night, Layla?” Cal asked, his half moon smile in full force. Beyond the clean cut look fresh from a commercial selling insurance, Calvin always seemed to glow when he smiled. As if the glint from his bright white teeth carried across his features.

And he was still holding me.

“Yeah,” I said getting my feet under me and slipping away. “You know Bellpeppers.” I tried to shrug it away, when Cal’s winter-tanned cheeks shifted pink.

“It’s not the same since they shifted you to nights.” He didn’t lean nearer to me, but he closed his striking gaze as if the loss of me sharing his shift struck him deeply.

“I don’t know how you can work days and get to class. Not without crashing anyway.” I was running on fumes as the semester wound down and planned to spend the entirety of Christmas break in bed.