First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from one of my books.
This week it’s an adorable doctor and soldier taking a break at a local hot spring together.

»»————- FEVER ————-««

“What about you?” Mae turned it back on him, trying to drown her past woes. He stumbled a moment, finally sinking to her level in the pool. “Did you have a gawky stage? Please tell me you did, because…”

At that he laughed, “Yes. I…I may have spiked my hair a time or two.” The knot in this throat bobbed, drawing Mae’s eyes right to the mark of masculinity as the grown man gurgled, “And put safety pins on my jacket…a lot of them.”

Mae shrugged her shoulder, the bone nudging into his arm, “Guess we’re just a couple of dorks.”

His infectious smile spread to her lips, Alistair nodding, “Always and forever. Despite any attempts I may make at…” his sweet brown eyes molded around her nearly see-through tank top clinging to a pink bra. A shiver drew up her spine, Mae’s stomach fluttering from the hunger in his gaze.

“Make at…” Alistair repeated, his lips falling slack as if all the words were sucked clean from his brain. He swiveled up to her face, seeming to be lost as he fell silent. Fearing there was a downed eyelash or something else out of place, Mae pierced the water’s surface with her hand. Wet fingers touched against her cheek, then to her lips. What was he looking at? Should she just submerge herself to wash it off?

She was about to duck down when his handsome face began to eclipse the sun. Mae’s heart leapt into her throat at those strawberry pink lips pursing barely an inch away. A breath invigorated her lungs just as Alistair’s mouth glanced upon hers. Sweet Christ, yes!

Mae’s hand erupted from the water, cradling the back of Alistair’s head to pull his kiss from polite peck to ravenous hunger. Slipping out from between her lips, Mae’s tongue lightly lapped up his pert bottom lip. It grazed her teeth for a second, Alistair gasping in surprise. She wanted to taste him, roll her tongue with his, but his eyes shot open and he staggered back.