First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from one of my books.This week it’s a birthday kiss courtesy of a hot baker smeared in frosting. You can get this standalone story completely free.
»»————- BIRTHDAY FROSTING ————-««

Antony picked up the frosting bag, the nub grazing the flat white surface before he paused. “What do you think of this flavor?”

“Um…” I shrugged. It was my first time at the bakery, I had no idea what the options for frostings were. And didn’t all frosting taste like sugar and more sugar?

“We have many different varieties,” he said. Was this a convoluted up-sell? Pretend to mess up the cake then try to get me to buy another?

Antony placed his forefinger before the tip of the piping bag. Giving it a quick squeeze, a dollop of icy-pink frosting squirted out. His upper body pivoted on his hips so he could look fully at me while holding out the sugar rosette. “Try it?” he asked, lifting it to my lips.

Leaning forward, I sucked his finger into my mouth. The frosting dissolved quickly on my palette, but the taste of his body lingered. Wanting more, I rolled my tongue around his finger to the first knuckle when I heard a moan of satisfaction. Antony watched in rapt attention as I gave one last long lick down the bottom of his finger and pulled back.

“I like it,” I breathed.

His dark eyes widened, a single long sigh parting from between his lips as I licked the edge of mine. I glanced down at the still nameless cake when hands scooped along my hips. His fingers dug down into the tiny pockets of my jeans, fluttering closer to my skin.

When his lips plunged to the side of my neck, hot kisses traveling up, I leaned back against him. Fisting my hand through his thick hair, I pushed him tighter to my throat. A chuckle trembled from his mouth to rumble against my skin, and he nipped me.