First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from one of my books.
This week I bring out my M/M shifters. Michael was rescued from wild boars by a strapping puma who promptly bathes him. This is a very steamy kiss!
»»————- HOG WILD ————-««

“How’s your tension now?” Lev purred, the unnatural rumble vibrating against Michael’s back.

“Fuck,” he gasped, flexing his hips to try and encourage the fist locked around him to go even faster. But Lev was keeping his rhythm slow and steady, pushing Michael closer and closer to an edge he might never escape from.

“Was that a complaint…” Lev asked and that exploratory finger pushed itself inside. “Or an order?”

Michael’s vision erupted into stars, his body pressing itself to both hands causing it such pleasure. In doing so, he felt that impressive cock bump along his spine, heard Lev gasp at the contact, and he could only want one thing.

“Fuck me,” he sputtered. “Fuck me so hard I can’t walk.”

Lev’s hand opened, releasing Michael from his spell. Cold sense should have flooded him. He didn’t know this man who was also a puma. He could still be in danger. But as Lev stepped out of the tub, his loincloth soaked to that taut body to reveal the full breadth of the cock hungry from Michael’s ass, every warning erupted into need.

Grabbing Michael’s chin, Lev pivoted it and plunged their lips together. The predator lapped his tongue along the fullness of the prey, inviting himself in. God, he tasted of musk, proper full testosterone, weeks alone in the woods with only your teeth and claws musk. The level of man Michael never found before, the kind of ache he’d never thought would be fulfilled.

“Oh, God!” Michael gasped into Lev’s open mouth as the man gave one more pump to his dick.

“Mmm, while I would love nothing more than to honor your request here,” he bent down and once against scooped Michael into his arms. “I have better plans for you.”