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Anarchy—A Free Short Story

Ellen Mint

I was tasked to write a short romance story with the prompt “As she stood there, she felt it. That weird burning coursing through her veins. Except this time it was stronger.”

What came out was a sci-fi story with a heroine trying to capture a man she believes to be a threat to her world. Things are never as they seem.


Stand down.

The order from Central clanged through every cell in her body, but June Hill didn’t pause. Interceptors ripped back through the cityscape, obeying without question. Their requisite swing-lines caught to the eaves and gutters of skyscrapers, tugging the rest in her squad back to headquarters. June stood perched upon the ledge of an insurance company sign.

One step and a thousand-foot fall awaited her, but that didn’t concern June. Staring at the other Interceptors wafting through the breeze like spiders on their webs, a strange…

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