I Holoed my Taco

I’ve never had much interest or skill in makeup. That I live like a troll lurking under a bridge waiting for tasty billy goats to go leaping past helps fuel that. But I am an author, and I spend a lot of my day staring at my nails (instead of writing).

So nail polish has always been my one pretty color outlet. And there is nothing I love more than bright colors and shiny, shiny, SHINY glitter.

When Holo Taco announced its rainbow collection I had to get the green. (My go-to nail polishes are a range of blues, purples, more blues, teal, blue, and green. Out of those, a good green is hard to find)

My right hand nails painted with a green lacquer with yellow and green holo sparkles.


And that is one coat. One freaking coat. I had to take the dog on a walk so I didn’t bother with a second. Just threw a quick dry topcoat on and went.

But I wanted more, so I got the cosmic unicorn skin and have been watching the light shift on my other hand the whole day.

My right hand painted with thick translucent flecks that look pink and green

The colors change from pink, to yellow, to green with every push of my keys. It reminds me of chameleon scales and I feel like the lizard queen.

Not like I have any long-standing interest in aliens with scales that can change color. Nope. Not at all.


If you were thinking about trying Holo Taco, or just love shiny things, I say give it a try. It’s pricey, but worth it for the quality.