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First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s The Cat’s out of the Bag by Cynthia Terelst.
The friends were playing a competitive game of volleyball in the pool. Lachie was using Jesse’s jealousy as a tool against them.

»»————- The Cat’s Out of the Bag ————-««

They split apart then — Evie and Lachie, the tank, standing side by side, almost touching. My muscles tightened. Lachie served the ball right to me, but I couldn’t move fast enough. It landed in the water. He whispered something to Evie, making her roll her eyes. I clenched my teeth. He served the ball to me again, but this time Jonas intercepted and sent the ball flying back. Lachie grabbed Evie by the waist, lifted her up, and she sent the ball soaring my way. I was at least able to hit it this time, and Jonas got the rebound. The whole time I could not take my eyes off them. We missed the return ball.

They gave each other a round of high fives. Lachie served again. Again, I missed the ball. He picked up Evie and spun her around before planting a kiss on her cheek. If I had clenched my jaw any tighter, it might have dislocated.

“Come off it, Lachie. Stop making Jesse jealous.”

“What are you talking about?” he protested. “Evie promised herself to me first.”

“Seriously, Lachie, we all know you’re gay,” Miranda yelled at him.

My head snapped toward Miranda. Gay? Shaking my head, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened them, Lachie was making his way toward me. He clapped me on the shoulder.

“Sorry, mate, all’s fair in love and war, or in this case, volleyball.”

“No problem,” I said, smiling at him as relief coursed through my body.

Miranda and Jonas were pissed. They both stood with their arms crossed, throwing dirty looks at their brother.

“Don’t crack a wobbly. You always play dirty,” he said.

He grabbed Jonas in a headlock and rubbed his knuckles into his skull.

Evie came over and smiled apologetically.

“You should be sorry,” I said.

I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her toward me and kissing her gently on the lips. It may have only been a peck, but as her soft lips touched mine, desire curled through my veins—all of my veins. My erection was instant again. I held her close, skin against skin. I looked into her eyes, completely under their spell. Her hands made their way to my chest, and she gently pushed herself away.

I was lucky I wasn’t wearing budgie smugglers, or the whole world would have seen my need for her.