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Pick Your Perfect Date

Countdown to Rash & Rationality — Day Two

Join me in celebrating the arrival of my second Happily Ever Austen book for its release on July 28th.

Marty Dashwood is a hopeless romantic.

He loves love, devotes hours to planning perfect dates, takes numerous cuts from rose thorns to build her a flower heart, drags a record player to a city park for the perfect music ambience.

You can meet him and his best friend Brandy in Rash & Rationality.

Have you Pre-Ordered Rash & Rationality?

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In Rash & Rationality, Marty plans all of these and more for his princess. But what does his heart really want? Enjoy this excerpt:

“You put in so much work. Far more work than any other man I’ve known, and I’m always amazed at it. With girls. With dating.”

“Maybe I love romance,” Marty announced to the world. “Maybe my heart beats for love and all I crave is to have it returned in kind.”

It was how he’d survived college, the Don Juan of the dorms. Always dropping off long-stemmed roses to girls who’d had a bad time. Leaving little notes of encouragement before tests. Waiting for her to see him for what he was. But everyone’s relationships had seemed to be in a confounding state of flux. There’d been more than a few fights with jealous boyfriends who’d wanted to rearrange his nose for him. Most he’d talked himself out of, but it had cooled his ‘romance fishing’ technique.

“Is it so wrong to want to be loved?” he sighed to himself and hoisted the beer back into his hand. While he drenched his sorrows, Brandy watched.

Arrives July 28th!