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What Your Donut Says About You

Countdown to Rash & Rationality — Day Three

Join me in celebrating the arrival of my second Happily Ever Austen book for its release on July 28th.

Marty and Brandy have been good friends for over a year since they both started working at Turn The Page bookstore.

Every morning, Marty brings Brandy a random baked good. She’s never asked for it, but he’s happy to provide for his best friend who could never be something more. That’s just silly

Have you Pre-Ordered Rash & Rationality?

What does your donut choice say about you?

Glazed: simple with a thin coat of elegance

Sprinkled: slightly childish but exciting

Cinnamon Sugar: a little bit nice, a little bit naughty

Jelly Filled: full of surprises

Cake: Traditional, old fashioned, always sweet

Creme Filled: fancy and bold

Donut Hole: one is never enough

Bear claw: Wild, passionate, committed

Please post a comment for which donut you prefer.

Rash & Rationality

“What are you doing here?” Brandy shouted, her voice bouncing from deeper in the chained-off apartment.

“I was in the area and thought I could take you to work so you didn’t have to bike.”

“That’s…weird. You’re never up this early.”

I was up at four a.m. because I couldn’t stop picturing you running away from a dangerous killer in your underwear. “Eldon,” Marty said instead, his brother always the perfect scapegoat. “Yeah, he had another of his ‘let’s go over your finances and tell you why you’re a disappointment to the family’ meetings set up. I got tired and left.”

“Oh.” Her soft voice carried in a circle around the apartment. At least she didn’t seem to be in any pain. Nor was she basking in an afterglow.

Okay, you don’t know that. Not like you’ve ever seen her after… Not that he would. He was just keeping an eye on her, and feeling miffed that she hadn’t come to him first. He might be short, but he could swing a tire iron with the best of ’em.

Feeling two feet tall, Marty stared at the offering he’d brought. He’d thought they might be necessary to help smooth over any tears, but the longer she stayed behind her locked door, the more he suspected it was him who needed it. First night on the dating scene and she already had some guy in her bed. Points for efficiency and all.

“I’ve got muffins.”

An eye poked between the narrow crack in the door. “What kind?”

“Apple crumb and blueberry.”

“Did you eat all the apple ones?” Brandy asked, far more concerned with the muffins than dragging a stranger from her bed.


“Are you sick or something? All that’s ever left of the apple ones are the papers…sometimes not even that.”

A frown itched across his face. He didn’t always eat them. Just, on occasion. When they were in front of him and he was bored. It was no wonder she’d only called Mel about the whole dating thing. He was a shit friend.

Arrives July 28th!