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She’s My Cherry Pie

Countdown to Rash & Rationality — Day Four

Join me in celebrating the arrival of my second Happily Ever Austen book for its release on July 28th.

Brandy’s dream isn’t to work in a bookstore, but have her own bakery. She did once, until the worst tragedy struck stealing away everything good in her world.

Years later, she’s finally ready to start again with tiny pies for a small party.

Will her second attempt at a baking career take off, or will she regret even trying?

Have you Pre-Ordered Rash & Rationality?

Make Tiny Cherry Pies In Muffin Tins

You can find the full recipe here.

Rash & Rationality

She was about to cancel the call when a groggy voice asked, “Hello?”

“Hi! I…”

“Brandy?” he asked cautiously. “Ah, says right there, Brandy. Guessing your party’s done. Hoping that’s the case and not that they decided to hunt you all for sport.”


“I’ve seen Billionaire Hunter Island,” Marty insisted. “So, what’s up?”

“I have leftovers,” Brandy said fast. “From the party. Lots of fancy food and I was thinking you might want to help me eat them before they go bad.”

A groan rolled through the phone, causing her to grip harder to keep it sealed to her ear. “I dun… What did you make?”

“Tiny cherry pies,” she said.

“While I’d normally be out the door at the prospect of eating anything you made, I’m afraid one-forty-five in the morning is too late for my tender digestion.”

Oh shit. She whipped her head over to find any clock. What was she doing calling him so late? Did she wake him up?

“Ever since I passed twenty-five, I swear. The eyesight’s starting to dim, bones are all rickety and brittle. Can’t eat anything after eight without turning into a—”

“I’m so sorry,” Brandy shouted over Marty’s blathering to try and stay awake. “I had no idea how late it was. I shouldn’t have called you.”

“Never apologize for offering me pie,” he said, causing her to smile and blush.

Arrives July 28th!