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I Need Your Help

Rash & Rationality is up for Book of the Month at Love Romance Reads. It would mean the world to me if you could vote for my little bookstore romance.

Thanks to the summer and 2020 being what it is, my cute book’s slammed into a wall. Your vote would help give it a chance to grow some legs so I can get out the follow up book about Eldon and Elena.

Thank you so much for your vote for me and my book. As thanks, I’ve included a little excerpt from Rash & Rationality.

“I know it turned all the lights on, that’s why it was worth so much…”

She didn’t have time to run, to flip off the switch or leap out of the window. All she could do was stare as Marty pushed open his bedroom door and caught her standing in the middle of his memories.

His mouth opened in surprise, but a snicker escaped first and he shouted to his brother, “I’ve got it! You can get back to the party!” With that finished, he turned to her. “I wondered where you got to.”

“I wanted to use the bathroom, but it was occupied…” She gulped, her face shifting to full-on chartreuse.

Marty raised both eyebrows as if he expected more, but Brandy clammed up, afraid she might spill everything in one go. “So you wandered in here instead to check out my dashing turn as Romeo.”

Of course they’d pick him to be Romeo. Lucky Juliet. “That would explain the tights,” Brandy said with a smile.

To her relief, Marty returned it. “There was this half-cape that dangled off my shoulder as part of the costume. Loved that—made me feel like a stuffy Batman. Memorizing all those lines, however… Pretty sure I’m the reason the drama teacher took an early retirement the next year.”

Marty slipped inside and closed the door. “Haven’t been back up here since…that Thanksgiving flu. Oh, that was fun. Whatever you do, never eat Eldon’s potato au gratin. He’ll swear up and down he didn’t poison us, but I know better. It’s the quiet ones you’ve got to look out for.”

Poor Marty had been so green for that Black Friday that he’d matched their store uniforms. She’d even brought him some of her leftover turkey stock to try to ease his stomach back from the brink. And now he had Janeth to help heal him. “I’m sorry for wandering in here.”

“My fault for not giving you the proper tour. Let’s see, this is my desk where I’d pretend to do homework when leveling up my Orc mage. Ah, that dresser was perfect for hiding all the bad report cards before my mom saw. And the closet…” He moved to yank open the shut accordion doors, only for a great shift to rumble inside.

Slamming them shut, Marty said, “Is best left the way I found it. What else do I have? Oh, the bed.” He waved his hand out, inviting her, and sat by the flat pillows.

Brandy sat beside him, shuffling her purse into her lap. Marty tugged back the cover to reveal perfectly placed sheets. “I knew it. Eldon’s been making this again.”

“Your brother would make your bed?”

“Every damn morning while I was eating Pop-Tarts. He’d sneak up here to make it, knowing full well that I wanted it left open to breathe. But no, since he doesn’t get night sweats, it’s proper for a bed to be…” Marty’s babbling paused and he whipped over to her. “Not that I’m admitting to sweating when I sleep. Or any other time. Unless it’s manly sweat. Chopping down trees. Rescuing kittens. That sort of thing.”

“You don’t sweat—you glisten with testosterone.” Brandy placed her purse on the bed between them.

“I’m practically radioactive due to all the machismo hormones pumping through me.” Marty chuckled, strained his arms wide and bunched his fists closed for a manly pose. In doing so, he knocked his elbow into her purse, sending it flying to the floor.