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You Can Hold PSL In Your Hands!

To celebrate the upcoming Autumn Season, PSL is finally available in paperback!

I could not wait to see what each page would bring. The characters are believable and captivating. The tug and pull of emotions between the characters keep you trying to put pieces together to predict what is coming, but you aren’t always right. Highly recommended read!

coolpooh16 — PSL

One hot lumberjack, a rustic cabin in the woods, whipped cream and lattes, princes, magic, and fairy wings. This is not the vacation I wanted, but it might be the one I need.

After a broken heart, I had to get away from the city. Escaping to a cabin in the woods deep into autumn sounded perfect. Peace. Solitude. Just me, my books, and my coffee fix. Next thing I know a gorgeous man chainsawing downed trees is sweeping me off my feet.

Literally, as it turns out he’s a fairy. Not just any fairy either. No, he’s a freaking Prince in exile.

Now I’m trapped in the kingdom of the autumn fairies while assassins lurk in every shadow. Every day Scott, who rose to fill in for the ill King, slips further from me. Time is ticking and soon I’ll have to return home. The question is will the once-disgraced Prince, sweet as caramel and sinful as cinnamon, come with me.

There are few regrets I wear harder in my heart than what led me to abandon my throne, my people, my kingdom. When I was banished to the human realm, I thought to live out my days protecting the forests. That changed the day this breathtaking human in leggings approached me.

In her, I found that which I thought was lost forever, home. It doesn’t hurt that she’s got a body worthy of worship either.

I never anticipated a return to my kingdom, much less dragging a human with me. Now, I have an opportunity to regain everything I lost. But, after all this time I find myself wondering if being king of the autumn fairies is what I truly want or if my heart aches for another.

“Come with me.” Scott extended his hand and I took it without question. Okay, maybe there was one since we stood on a balcony overlooking the quiet gardens and the only other place to go was back inside. But instead of leading me to the door, he hopped up onto the balance beam sized railing.

“What are…?” I gulped, struggling to follow with my less-than-athletic body. “What are we doing?”

He shrugged off the robe, the fabric billowing out like a parachute as it fell to the ground below. Those golden wings I could almost pretend weren’t there fluttered through the air. “If I have one night in my home, I do not wish to spend it trapped inside of these…unforgiving walls.” Scott turned so his back faced the world, his body balanced by just the arch of his feet. 

“Come with me?” he asked again, extending both hands out.

“O-okay,” I said, wincing at the orangutan noise slipping from my uncertainty. As his strong hands wrapped around mine, my body lifted into the air. My heart raced at the thought of his chest pressing to mine until I realized we were both falling. 

“You know I can’t fly, right?!” I screamed and the obstinate man laughed. His arms enveloped my chest, pinning me so tight his biceps squished against my ribs. 

The rushing ground only lasted a moment but it felt forever until his wings pulled us up through the trees. “Yes,” Scott said, his mouth grazing my ear, “it’s hard to not notice your body.”

With my teeth clenched and spine trembling as I dug my fingers into his naked back, I missed what almost sounded like a compliment. I tried to catch his eye, but he stared heavenward, his wings flapping at hummingbird speed. 

“Ah!” I yelped, a branch nearly snagging my hair. But Scott dodged it with ease, still yanking us higher and higher into the air. Did this realm have space? Could he fly so high that the oxygen would run out? 

“I thought you said you couldn’t fly with me?” I asked instead of my air question. He clearly needed to breathe so it was rather doubtful he’d fly until we both died.

“Long distances, no. And…it’s been a long time since I’ve had wings.”

The pain thundered through his voice, reminding us both that he wouldn’t have them for much longer. “Is it like riding a bicycle?” I asked instead.

He snorted before saying, “I don’t know. I never have.”

“Well, I could teach you.” It slipped from me as we rocketed through the clouds, yet another mention of that human realm. I clenched my toes for fear that he’d be dragged deeper into his pain, but bright eyes caught mine.

“That sounds…fun,” Scott said.

The thick clouds, grey and smothering, pressed around us. I couldn’t see anything but the flicker of his golden wings as he lifted us higher and higher. With my chest pressed to his, I felt his heartbeat revving faster from his exertion and mine answered the call. 

Suddenly, we shot out of the clouds, wisps of dark cotton floating away below us. Scott spun us until an orange moon filled the sky. Awe overwhelmed me, my bare toes numbing in the autumn chill as I stared in wonder at the harvest moon above the clouds.

A snicker caused me to turn away. Scott smiled and moved closer. His lips caressed mine, our bodies pressing together as we kissed by the silhouette of the moon. Warmth blossomed through me, chasing away the cold of the night. My eyelids fluttered open and I stared up into his beautiful face.