Storm on the Horizon by Meredith Bond

A woman with no choice… For Tatiana Ashurst, there’s no escaping destiny. Magically powerful and preordained to give birth to the most powerful Vallen priestess in seven generations, it’s her duty to marry well. But she wants the same thing her twin sister has—the right to choose her own husband. For a woman like Tatiana, however, such a thing can never be permitted. A man who must choose… If Kit Vallentyn could do what he wanted, he’d devote all of his time to overseeing the family estate, but his father insists it’s time for an advantageous marriage—one centered on power and wealth. Reluctantly scouting the new crop of debutantes, he finds himself unaccountably attracted to a mysterious woman who is plain, penniless, ineligible… and utterly enchanting. A storm of desire… When Tatiana nearly uses her powers in public, Kit saves her from shocking the Georgian English society and revealing her abilities. Despite Kit’s own magical strength, Tatiana is certain their marriage would never be possible. She just can’t help being drawn to this handsome man who extends a spell of desire over her more powerful than any she can conjure. The only way to survive the storm looming on the horizon will be to have the courage to shed their secrets and discover their true destinies together.

Meredith Bond

Give us the one to two sentence tagline for your book.

A woman with no choice, a man who must choose, and a storm on the horizon which could destroy everything they desire.

What is your favorite scene/moment in your book?

When Kit stops Tatiana from using her magic when she’s angry.

How do you use magic in your book?

It’s meant to be used to help ordinary people, but sometimes Tatiana uses it in anger.

Would your hero enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, candy corn, or apple bobbing?

Maybe apple bobbing.

What costume would your heroine (or hero if MM) wear to a halloween party?

She wouldn’t. She’s too dignified to go to a costume party. She’s going to be the high priestess.

What scene did you adore writing in this book?

The last one where Tatiana’s mother shows up.

Is this book a spooky/scary PNR, or a cozy/snuggling with a monster PNR?

Definitely not scary, but not exactly snuggling either. It’s a historical romance with a heroine who is extremely passionate about everything.

What is your favorite monster to write?

If any, it would be the monster within.

If you had to pick, would you rather have fangs, claws, or wings?

Wings… definitely wings.

Halloween’s coming. Do you do anything special to celebrate?

Light candles and make sure all the positive feelings are in strong circulation.

Excerpt from Storm on the Horizon

Tatiana could not get beyond the behavior of the men surrounding her sister. At first, they had been polite, bowing and scraping to both of them. But now there were too many clambering around Trina. Tatiana was rudely shoved out of the way—one imbecile even going so far as to step on her toes. They looked like they hadn’t seen a pretty girl in years and were starving for good looks.

Naturally, Tatiana had hoped this would happen. This was a good thing, she reminded herself yet again. This is what she had wanted. Wasn’t it?

A man backed up, nearly stepping on her. “Beg your pardon,” he said, giving her a quick once over. He narrowed his eyes at her, “Are you…?”

Tatiana drew herself up. “Miss Tatiana Ashurst,” she replied before he could finish.
His eyebrows drew together like he was thinking very hard about this. “Related to the beauty?”

“Her twin sister.”

“Younger?” he asked.

Tatiana had barely given a nod of acknowledgment when he turned his back on her and moved back toward the crowd surrounding Trina.

Fury burned its way into the pit of Tatiana’s stomach. She looked up and contemplated the ceiling. Why were they not outside so she could teach this dolt a lesson and call down a bolt of lightning?

“You’re the beauty’s sister?” another man asked, pulling her attention back.
Tatiana nodded hesitantly.

“Lord Marchness.” He gave her a slight bow.

Tatiana curtseyed properly, her anger beginning to dissipate. Finally, a gentleman!
“Could you introduce me?” he asked, his eyes sliding over to Trina and the crowd around her.

Tatiana could hear the anger inside of her blowing into a storm. Quickly, she tamped it down before the wind and lightning became a reality and revealed her abilities for all to see. For a second, the vision of wigs flying and a ballroom full of people buffeted by a gale flashed across her mind’s eye.

She shoved the vision aside and instead imagined the man before her as a toad. Why had she never developed that power? She knew it was possible. Power over fire and the weather was all well and good, but she needed some way to pinpoint her magic in order to smite one imbecile at a time. Perhaps she could set him on fire—just a little blaze, maybe on his coattails.

“Could you?” he asked again. “Would you?”

“No, I will not.” She turned her back on him, took a step closer to her grandmother and gave the man the cut direct.

Proud of herself for controlling her anger and doing the right thing, she allowed herself the imagined pleasure of the screams of shock and horror that would, if they had been outside, be surrounding her in a symphony of revenge. It took so little to shock all the ordinary people surrounding her.

Meredith Bond’s books straddle that beautiful line between historical romance and fantasy. An award-winning author, she writes fun traditional Regency romances, medieval Arthurian romances, and Regency romances with a touch of magic. Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart,” Meredith loves to take her readers on a journey they won’t soon forget.

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