Secret Desires by JL Regen

Margo Simmons is ecstatic when she inherits her uncle’s Manhattan apartment and a handsome sum of money. To her chagrin, she must be gainfully employed in a job for a year. Margo’s life has complications. She anguishes over how to fulfill her secret desires for a loving relationship with her dream man because he is still emotionally tied to his deceased wife and afraid to open his heart again. To replace her fractured childhood growing up with a distant stepfather, Margo becomes the foster parent of a child who longs for closeness. Secret Desires is written from the heart and speaks to anyone who has suffered a loss and wants to start over.

JL Regen

Give us the one to two sentence tagline for your book.

Taking a second chance on love.

What surprised you the most while writing this book?

My feelings about marrying a widower.

Why did you pick the setting you used for your book?

I love NYC

What is the sexiest trait of your hero(s)?

He’s a romantic

What is your favorite scene/moment in your book?

The proposal

What scene did you have to cut but wish could have been included?


Tropes get a bad name, but they’re often the biggest draw for readers. What tropes do you love to write and read?

Suspense with a bit of romance

What are your favorite genres/sub-genres to write in? Are there any you love to read but cannot write in?

Suspense–contemporary, historical, and psychological

Which do you love to write best: dialogue, setting, action, love scenes, or other?


Which do you hate to write: dialogue, setting, action, love scenes, or other?

Love scenes-challenging

Excerpt from Secret Desires

MARGO SIMMONS GRIPPED THE EDGES of the leather chair, waiting for details from the family lawyer about her Uncle Harry’s death. She hoped it would be shorter and less painful than the reading of her father’s will.

An older gentleman extended his hand. “I’m sorry your mother couldn’t be here.”

Margo looked up from her reflections to acknowledge him.

“Thanks, Mr. Steinberg.”

“You’ve grown into a lovely young woman.”

Margo blinked back tears at memories of good times shared with Uncle Harry. “Not so young. I’m twenty-three.”

The portly man squeezed himself into a swivel chair and peered at her over wire-rimmed bifocals. “I’m ancient compared to that number.”

Margo gripped her knees to steady her nerves. “My mother wanted to come with me, but they’re downsizing at her dress shop. She was afraid to leave early. My stepfather is furious because Uncle Harry didn’t leave him any money.”

Mr. Steinberg saddened at the sorrowful expression on the young woman’s face. “It pains me to hear Jerry hasn’t changed his ways. However, since you’re the only one present to hear your uncle’s will, I’ll get to the point. Harry has left you his Riverside Drive condominium apartment and the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.”

Margo jumped up from the chair and hugged the man. “This is a miracle. I can’t wait to tell my Mom. She’s wanted me to get out on my own. Now I can. Though I wish it hadn’t come with the loss of my uncle. I adored him.”

J.L. Regen’s book was inspired by a real life story of lovers who join hearts against many odds. She lives in the New York metropolitan area, is a published photojournalist, has short suspense stories online, and has taught English as a Second Language to students around the globe. This is her first contemporary romance. She has also published three nonfiction books and is crafting a historical suspense set in World War II.